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The "visiting card" of our country is classical ballet, but today they will not surprise anyone, and numerous troupes of academic theaters are frequent and welcome guests, at the same time, hospitable hosts, who host artists from Belarus like their own. The troupe of the Moroshka Theater goes on tour with its original repertoire, soulful numbers with the veneer of imperial Petersburg culture, going to glorify dance and song as part of not only but also world heritage.

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The relatively young Theater of Song and Dance "Cloudberry" for 12 years of its existence has performed more than 200 times on world stages, including with a program based on primordially Russian material, conquering the hearts of spectators in Algeria, France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Great Britain, China , Malta, Ireland, etc. Unlike other folk groups. only "Moroshka" not only promotes the popularization of Russian culture, Russian song and folk dance, but emphasizes the importance of preserving and developing Russian culture. The acutely perceptible global problem of the loss of national self-identification was unexpectedly concentrated within a small team of "Moroshka", which is remarkable, existing without stable financial support, but on the enthusiasm of caring people.


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